For your safety, all guests will be cleared from the water in the event of visible lightning or audible thunder. The pool will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder and/or visual observation of lightning.

Facilities may delay opening or close early due to dangerous weather, low attendance, rain, or air temperatures below 70 degrees.


Por la seguridad de todos los usuarios del parque acuático, se les pedira salir del agua durante 30 minutos en el caso de presencia de rayos o truenos. La piscina permanecera cerrada durante 30 minutos depsues del ultimo sonido de trueno y senal de rayos. Los cheques de lluvia solo se emitirán si el parque cerró antes de las 4 p.m. Si el parque cierra después de las 4 p.m. debido al clima, no se emitirán cheques de lluvia.

La temperature debe ser de 70 grados para abrir la instalaciones acuaticas al aire libre. Las instalaciones cerraran debido al mal tiempo (lluvias torrenciales, tempestades electricas, clima frio o poca asistencia).


In the event that you are in the park when inclement weather begins and the attractions are closed for more than 60 minutes, you will receive a return visit voucher valid for the rest of the operating season. Rainchecks will only be issued if the park closed before 4 p.m. If the park closes after 4 p.m. due to weather, no rainchecks will be issued.

To claim your return visit voucher, you must show proof of admission, either a ticket that was purchased or a receipt of your purchase.

Refunds are not provided on pavilion or cabana rentals.